A selection of Silver Plated, Copper Plated and Dipped Baby's Shoes, Baby Boots, Dog Collars, Horse Shoes, Champagne Corks and Gifts

Let Silvershoe preserve your most treasured memories with our silver plating and copper plating service. We offer silver plated, copper plated and dipped baby's shoes, baby boots, dog collars, horse shoes, champagne corks, gifts and much more!

A lasting memory, a treasured gift

Why not keep a lasting memory of your child's first steps? We can preserve your baby or child's shoe with our silver or copper plating process.

This individual process preserves every detail and crease of the shoe, giving character and appeal when copper or silver plated.

A silver baby shoe makes an ideal gift for a grandparent or a close relative, or just to keep for yourselves.


Silver plated baby shoes, copper plated baby shoes, dipped baby shoes.

Shoes in Copper or Silver

We prepare and electro-form children's and baby shoes with pure copper or silver, then hand polish and lacquer, to give a gleaming finish, making further polishing unnecessary.

Every 'Silvershoe' is as individual as your baby, with a substantial thickness of pure metal.


Silver plated baby shoes, copper plated baby shoes, dipped baby shoes.

Anniversary or special occasion mementos

Your anniversary or special occasion mementos preserved.

Silver plated champagne corks.



Silver plated champagne corks and gifts

Dog collars and horseshoes

Family pets must not be forgotten. For our most faithful friend ever, make their collar into a beautiful silver or copper trophy.


Silver plated dog collars and horse shoes

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